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Every time I see this music video I feel like riding a bike. What can be better on lazy Sunday afternoon? I love cycling<3 What about you?

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I know it`s been a long time since I wrote anything here. The past few weeks were kinda hard for me but I am back on the blog.

There comes this moment in a girl`s life when she feels like she desperately need a change. Ekhm, a haircut that is. I had that moment recently. I had long hair for a while now and I was bored with it. So, I had my hair cut and what is really weird is the fact that when you change something about your look you also feel a different person, you get the point. And is this really true that "New hair is new life"? Or am I exaggerating?

Regardless the answer I kind of feel like I also need changes in my life and with summer just around the corner it`s high time I started put it into practice.

I also wanted to share some photos that convinced me to finally overcome my fear of cutting my hair, so here`s the story.

 This is how my dream hair looks like. Long, blonde waves<3 I wouldn`t mind getting up in the morning with hair like this without the need to style them. But my hair is straight and curling it every day is out of the question, so I cannot have Serena van der Woodsen`s golden locks every day without 5 hours of brushing, curling/burning, styling, spraying and other -ings.

I`ve been craving Olivia Palermo`s long bob recently. I thought having middle lenght hair would be a nice change but I`m not sure if the parting in the middle is my thing.

Thank you, Joanna Hillman for proving that straight hair can be super stunning and fabulous! This is the haircut I`m waiting for;) I needed to cut my hair because it was damaged but I`m gonna grow them again. Plus, this color is amazing!

Anja Rubik after Fendi SS11 fashionshow.
This is how my hair looks now or maybe a little longer (except the color - mine is darker blonde)

Sorry for such a long post. I think I just missed the blog. It`s good to be back.


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I know my English is not perfect, sorry for that. It`s not my native language and sometimes it is hard for me to put my thoughts in different language.


L'Wren Scott's Parisian Perch

I love vogue.com for showing us glimpses of fashionable interiors. This L`Wren Scott`s apartment in Paris is simply gorgeous! Love its delicately airy atmosphere, art deco vibe and artistic details. You can see more here.

source: vogue.com

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