L'Wren Scott's Parisian Perch

I love vogue.com for showing us glimpses of fashionable interiors. This L`Wren Scott`s apartment in Paris is simply gorgeous! Love its delicately airy atmosphere, art deco vibe and artistic details. You can see more here.

source: vogue.com

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Turn up the music

                                                                                                    via tumblr

I`m so in musical mood with Coachella right away. Not like I`m going there *sigh* But one day I`ll be there for sure! That`s one of my dreams for the future. But now it`s time to turn up the music in my room and go to sunny California in my imagination (which btw sometimes works too well and scares me;))  Events like this are closely associated with fashion (not high fashion but free spirited pieces, you know what I mean) but it isn`t hippie dresses that I`m gonna write about. It is about band tees. I love them and now I`m looking for one similar to this if you know where I can get one, please do tell (no, I haven`t seen it in H&M).

Do you like band tees? What bands are your fave?

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Heart Burst Into Fire

heart burst into fire

1. Acne T-shirt
2. Helmut Lang Genuine Leather Jacket
3. J Brand Skinny Leg Jeans
4. DKNY Watch
5. Proenza Schouler Genuine Leather Handbag
6. Sabre Vision Cat Eye Sunglasses
7. Deborah Lipman - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
8. Mango Heeled Sandals

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Bunny ears

Happy Easter!:)

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I love the quiet of the night time when the sun is drowning in the deathly sea

I know I didn`t post anything here for a long time because I was super busy (I believe in this quote: "If you want something, go and get it." And that is why I had no time to blog but later about it). Now I`m gonna enhance my blog:) So it`s Sunday evening and what could be better on Sunday evenings than doing your homework and study, right? Just kidding. Sunday evenings are for music! At least for me:) So writing this post by one hand and holding a cup of hot green tee in the other, here I am looking for great new tracks. I added here some of my favourite songs that I`ve been listening to a lot lately. Enjoy!

I like a lot of different genres of music as you can see. And what bands/artists do you like?

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